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A nostalgic family pool experience
in Davidson, NC

Enjoy the nostalgic experience of a safe, fun, family-oriented swimming pool open to our members & their guests, conveniently located within the heart of the Town of Davidson.

Size & Depth

Our pool is 80 ft in length and 40 ft in width with a minimum depth of 4 ft in the shallow end and maximum depth of 12 ft in the deep end. Our pool’s dimensions and depth variations cater to different activities, from leisurely swimming and water games to fitness-focused lap swimming and diving.

"Spring" Diving Board

One of the most enjoyable nostalgic aspects of our pool experience is our traditional springboard diving board. Like the fun we had growing up, our diving board flexes with the diver based on his/her weight/pressure applied to the board. Cannonballs & can-openers have never been more fun!

Water Quality & Sanitation

Proper filtration, circulation, and chemical balance systems are essential to maintain desired pool water quality, ensuring a safe and hygienic swimming environment. We work with a nationally accredited pool management group that provides seasonal local staff services on a daily basis.

Safety Measures

Red Cross Certified lifeguards on duty, poolside rescue equipment, and clear safety guidelines, as well as an hourly break for our life guards, contribute to a secure swimming experience for all users.

Comfort & Convenience

Shaded lounge areas, nominal guest fees, July 4th celebration, birthday party arrangements, free icicles for the kids and friendly staff enhance the overall pool experience and encourage extended visits.


The Swimming Hole is a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY swimming pool serving the residents of Davidson. Our waitlist is managed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Where Tranquility Meets Community

At The Swimming Hole, it’s not just about taking a dip. Our pool environment fosters a warm and welcoming community where friendships flourish and unforgettable experiences are shared.

The Swimming Hole is a PRIVATE MEMBERS ONLY swimming pool serving our members and their guests since 1961. To become a member of the Swimming Hole, please complete the form located at the bottom of the page. The waitlist is accessed on a first-come, first served basis and usually extends two years before acceptance.


Please review the Pool Rules with your family members and support our volunteer Board of Directors, as well as our 3rd-party pool management partner, as we aim to provide a safe and fun swim season.

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